The air was cool and the clouds were thick and hanging low. We were sure we’d be denied the killer views the MacIntyres are famous for offering. We still hiked up, not wanting to cancel our mountain outing. We skipped Wright and shot straight for Algonquin, gaining more elevation. And then it happened: we emerged from the clouds. Just like that. One minute, I could barely see my hands and the next, the neighboring peaks were like islands sticking out of the thickest clouds I’d ever felt on my naked eyes. It was glorious. I’d never seen an undercast as intense as this one. We savored this natural phenomenon on the summit of Algonquin and Iroquois. We couldn’t stay forever though, so we reluctantly headed for the end of the world and re-entered the abyss of clouds. What a day!

Here’s what it looks like minus the undercast.