Maine, wild wild Maine. The wildest state in the East. The East’s Idaho. Or is it the East’s Wyoming, or Montana? Or did I just want to write Idaho, Wyoming and Montana? Probably… Anyways, you get the point. Maine is wild and stuff. They got moose and deer runnin’ around left and right.

The trails are also less developed and maintained than in neighboring New Hampshire. And how ’bout the roads to get to the trailheads? Some are downright brutal! This guy won’t complain though, they make for short safaris: moose, deer, jackrabbits… and that’s it so far, but still, primo wildlife aplenty. And Maine has Baxter State Park. That’s gotta count for something. For a lot actually. Saddle up your horse and hit that park. Now!


And so this was the last one standing in Maine. The heart of leaf peeping season was a great time to hike up the Fire Warden’s Trail. The dirt road to get to the parking wasn’t even that bad considering its rap sheet. I was expecting downtown Baghdad in 2004, but it looks like an effort has been made to fill the potholes and get rid of the big rocks. It now feels more like Baghdad in 20… Well… It’s much better than it used to be. 109/115

Saddleback, The Horn + Sugarloaf, Spaulding

A lens malfunction means no visual. And my first failed hike. I got cocky and underestimated the distance from Spaulding to Abraham. When I realized Abraham was twice as far as I thought and I couldn’t bag it and make it back before dark and the hard rain, I admitted defeat and headed back to the Caribou Valley Road. Who said adding decimals was easy?

Oh, and I was so pissed at the lenses that I sold them and bought a new one. They asked for it.

Redington, Crocker, South Crocker

Photos to come. Maybe. These aren’t the most inspiring mountains…

Old Speck


Hamlin Peak

Bigelows, South & Avery

Baxter Peak, North Brother

More to come. I know, I know, it’s been 3 years… Chill out!