Winter’s finally back. Well, it’s been back for a few weeks now, but I’ve been slacking off. I was looking forward to scoring an undercast like last year. No luck though: two hikes in the clouds, another one in the trees and two with alternating blue and gray skies. There’s always next year, right?

To me, one of the things that make winter the best season is the light. It gets humid and muggy in the warmer months, but on cold winter days, the light stays great all day long. That’s good for photography and for trying out my new lens. No need to get an early start and then store the camera until the last few hours of sunlight.

I went on two separate trips this summer/fall and was quite disappointed with my photos. I decided to blame it on the lenses. Couldn’t have been my fault, right? Anyways, I sold my lenses and bought a new one after the second trip. How stupid is that? You’d’ve thought I would’ve bought the new lens before going on vacation, but you would’ve thought wrong… The first good opportunities I had to try it – besides for taking pictures of stuff I posted on Craigslist – was in late November and early December.

Algonquin, Giant and Rocky Peak were the high profile targets for their generosity in terms of views. I forgot how generous they were in terms of letting the freezing wind whip them. I also brought the camera to the Seward Range, but forgot to charge the battery the night before. I was able to take one photo before it died on me. I then had to carry all that dead weight for over 15 miles and 5,000 feet of ascent. I won’t forget to charge the battery ever again. The Wolfjaws, Whiteface and Esther were also paid a visit, but there were no views to be had on those days.

A few shots

Next up: More Northeast and a taste of the Smokies